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United Cerebral Palsy contacted Exceptional Designs, Inc. to propose how to remodel their laundry room.

This laundry room is in a 15 bed group home with adults using wheelchairs.

Previously, only the caregivers were performing the laundry chores and the machines were not built for the heavy use. In addition to the residents' clothing, the staff have to launder bedding daily.
* Researched and acquired commercial grade residential front loading machines with large capacity. Energy efficient, spin cycle rocking ending to unwrinkle clothes for faster drying time.

* Machines mounted on platforms at accessible height for loading, unloading and operation controls. Machines mounting with heavy duty bolts to prevent machines from “walking” off platforms.

* Accessible height countertops adjacent to dryers for folding.

* Cabinets for supply storage.

* Dryer vent tubing hidden below countertops used for folding with a recessed panel allowing wheelchair to roll up but protecting residents from direct contact but allowing air to circulate underneath to prevent overheating of vent tubing.

* Rectified porcelain tile floor with tight grout lines to avoid water damage.

* Residents enjoying the independence of doing their own laundry chores. Staff happy to have residents doing this task which frees them up to take care of more fragile residents.

* Testimonial video shows the impact of this new design. See how Exceptional Designs took care of every functional detail thus enhancing the lives of the residents and staff.

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