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Home Designer Specializes in Special Needs

Home design is a key element in the life of a person with a disability. Residential Designer Elaine Terner was given a United Cerebral Palsy 2010 Community Award on June 8. Her design firm, Exceptional Designs, based in Pembroke Pines, provides customized environments for persons with developmental and physical disabilities.

Exceptional Designs transformed a small staff-only kitchen into a large community kitchen for a United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) group home in Davie. Residents in wheelchairs can now participate in food preparation. The residents said "Thank you" throughout the entire construction process. The news traveled quickly and a UCP home in Miami has just approved a contract to remodel its kitchen.

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When the design of the home accommodates the needs and behaviors of a person with disabilities, that person performs at the highest possible level in life. He or she is much more receptive to the educational and therapeutic interventions needed for advancing development.

Terner founded Exceptional Designs to provide environmental modifications for people with developmental and physical disabilities. Terner saw the need for this service while raising a son with autism. His behavioral meltdowns and lack of toileting skills caused considerable and costly damage to her home. Terner enrolled in the residential design program at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. This training gave her the tools necessary to help others facing the same challenges in their homes. For more information, visit www.exceptionaldesigns.com or call (954) 232-1679.

The Agency Supports Persons with Developmental Disabilities in Living, Learning and Working in their Community.

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