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Sample Room #4 - Desk and Shelves
The previous desk was small and over crowded with very little surface space. The computer monitor was on top with other office accessories and the printer sat on top of a small file cabinet to the side. The desk was very small and completely inadequate for what was needed. The entire desk was collapsing due to particle board construction. The small shelving unit holding the knick knacks above the desk was also made of particle board and falling apart.
We provided a solid antique wooden desk measuring 70” inches long by 30” deep with more than enough space for the computer monitor, keyboard and other desk accessories with the printer able to sit off to the side. There is also room to place the two small solid mahogany shelving units on top of the desk to store the knick knacks. This furniture is of the highest quality purchased at an estate sale costing the client considerably less than if these items were purchased new or having custom made items constructed. We end up with a beautiful economical arrangement and in compliance with “green” standards.

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