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Sample Room #3
This room was designed for a four year old male with cerebral palsy. With poor mobility a concern, special precautions to prevent injury were needed.

Additionally, the child is not toilet trained. The parents insisted on carpet and a drapery window treatment. (We would have preferred to install a textured sheet vinyl flooring which would have been far more sanitary and easy to clean. The window treatment would have been made of a washable material as well.)

A platform was built for the bed with drawers for storage underneath. The goal in this room was to have minimal furniture and as much open floor space as possible to
allow for in-room physical therapy.

The wall unit holds a large screen TV (this TV weighs 400 lbs. and required special reinforcement in the construction). Each shelf edge is rounded to avoid injury. A computer desk is included at the end of the wall unit which leads into the construction of the closet.

The face of all the furniture is covered in a light wood grain mica.
The closet has a hanging area in the upper main portion and a built in chest of drawers below. The appearance when the doors are shut is that of a big cabinet.

The unique feature of this closet is magnetic childproof locks. The doors and drawers all require a small magnetic device to open them. The child was in the habit of opening all closets and drawers and pulling everything out.

The color scheme in this room was the choice of the client (we would have chosen a "calmer" color scheme).
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